M.F.A., Art

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  • Complete the following admission requirements:
  1. Submit a separate portfolio of work as specified in the Art Department guidelines. 
  2. Complete a B.F.A. or B.A. in art from a university other than UAF (or from UAF with special permission from the Art Department faculty), or complete one consecutive year of classes from an accredited M.F.A. program other than UAF. In cases where an exceptional portfolio is submitted, students with another undergraduate degree will be accepted provisionally and with the condition that they make up any deficiencies as determined by their graduate committee.

Minimum Requirements for Art M.F.A.: 60 credits

Concentrations: Ceramics, Computer Art, Drawing, Native Arts, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, Sculpture

Master’s Degree Requirements
Complete the master’s degree requirements.
Art Program Requirements
ART F661Mentored Teaching in Art1
ART F663Seminar in Art History3
ART F690Current Problems3
or ART F688 Professional Practices for Visual Artists
ART F698Non-thesis Research/Project 15
or ART F699 M.F.A. Thesis Project
Electives in art history, humanities or philosophy 26
Courses may be chosen from the following:
Field Artists of the North
Visual Images of the North
Seminar in Art History
History of the Role of the Artist
Complete at least two studio areas at the F600 level 342
Courses may be chosen from the following:
Graduate Photography
Life Drawing
Graduate Field Painting
Alaska Native Art Studio
Two- and Three-dimensional Computer Design
Advanced Computer Visualization in Art
Multimedia Theory and Practice
Advanced Photography Seminar

Note: Students with a graduate teaching assistantship (TA) are required to be enrolled in ART F661 Mentored Teaching in Art each semester they have a TA award.