O.E.C., Facility Maintenance

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Occupational Endorsement

The facility maintenance program trains participants in dealing with challenges unique to rural Alaska structures. Training consists of identifying, troubleshooting and customizing solutions to a building or home, learning the importance of working with community advocates, tracking and analyzing past maintenance trends, and developing strategies for future maintenance needs.

Minimum Requirements for Facility Maintenance Occupational Endorsement: 18 credits

College of Rural and Community Development

Complete the following admission requirements:

  • Be at least 16 years old by the first day of the semester in which you are admitted.

Students must earn a C grade or better in each course.

Minimum Requirements for Facility Maintenance Occupational Endorsement: 18 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Occupational Endorsement Requirements
Complete the occupational endorsement requirements.
Facility Maintenance Program Requirements
CTT F100Construction Technology Core3
or CTT F101
and CTT F102
and CTT F103
Basic Construction Safety
and Introduction to Hand and Power Tools
and Introduction to Blueprint Reading
CTT F106Construction Measuring 13
CTT F131Interior Repairs1
CTT F132Flooring Installation1
CTT F133Cabinet Installation with Countertops1
CTT F135Boiler Troubleshooting and Burner Repair2
CTT F137Appliance Troubleshooting and Repair2
CTT F138Residential Heating Controls2
CTT F141Door and Window Installation1
CTT F153Plumbing Piping and Tools2