Local Knowledge Educator

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The local knowledge educator certificate is a 30-credit undergraduate certificate program intended to provide individuals interested in the teaching profession with a benchmark credential that will set them on a path to a bachelor's degree in elementary or secondary education. 27-30 of the credits in the certificate program will apply to the elementary B.A. degree, or 18 of the credits will apply to a secondary B.A. degree.

The coursework in the local knowledge educator certificate program represents a collection of courses that have low barriers to entry (no prerequisites), fulfill the general university requirements for a certificate program, and provide an individual interested in working in a non-certificated K-12-based position (e.g., as a substitute teacher or a paraprofessional) with a strong introduction to the teaching profession and content knowledge relevant to work in a school context. The collection of classes can both enhance individual knowledge of Alaska and Alaska's Indigenous cultures, as well as equip future educators with tools that will help them incorporate their own local knowledge into K-12 classrooms now and in the future.

Minimum Requirements for Local Knowledge Educator Certificate: 30 credits

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