Minor, Interdisciplinary Studies

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The interdisciplinary minor provides flexibility to students who have educational goals that do not fit into one of the established minors offered by the university. Interdisciplinary minors must include courses from at least two different disciplines that focus on a shared theme. Students must write a proposal describing the intended name, description and list of courses within their minor. Help with the undergraduate minor approval process is available at 907-474-6396 or at the interdisciplinary studies websiteAll interdisciplinary proposals will be reviewed by a committee appointed by the UAF vice provost for approval.

Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Minor: 18 credits

Academic Advising Center - Division of General Studies
Interdisciplinary Studies

  • Contact the office of Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Studies at 907-474-6396 or 888-823-8780 for materials, procedures and to make an appointment with the interdisciplinary advisor. 
  • After meeting with the interdisciplinary minor advisor, electronically submit a written proposal describing your interdisciplinary minor to the interdisciplinary studies program at uaf-interdisciplinary@alaska.edu or in person at 218 Eielson Building. The proposal should include your name, student ID number, the date, a title for the minor, a description of the body of knowledge and skills relating to the minor’s theme, and a list of courses included in the minor. A brief description of how each course specifically relates to the minor’s theme should also be included. An interdisciplinary minor cannot be titled the same as an existing minor and must demonstrate a cohesive body of knowledge and skills. The approved title will appear on your transcript.
  • Three faculty members approved by the dean of General Studies will serve as the interdisciplinary minor committee. This committee will ensure that an appropriate and cohesive body of knowledge and skills is addressed in the planned minor and that the interdisciplinary minor does not overlap with an existing minor.

Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies Minor: 18 credits

Courses from at least two different disciplines that focus on a shared theme.18 or more

Note: At least 3 credits must be earned at UAF for all minors.

More information can be found on the interdisciplinary studies website.