Interdisciplinary Studies

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B.A., B.A.A.S., B.S. Degrees

The interdisciplinary program provides flexibility to students who have educational goals that do not fit into one of the established majors or minors offered by the university. There are two interdisciplinary bachelor's degree tracks: Goals Option and Degree Completion. Help with the undergraduate application process, contact information for faculty advisors and assistance for undergraduate interdisciplinary students is available at 907-474-6396, or at the interdisciplinary studies website.

Goals Option

An interdisciplinary major allows students to customize and create a major or minor that is unique and different from the majors and minors offered by UAF. Interdisciplinary majors must include courses from at least two different disciplines that focus on a shared theme. To be admitted into the interdisciplinary goals option, students must write a proposal describing the intended name and a description of their major. Interdisciplinary students must also choose a committee of at least three faculty members from at least two disciplines to help guide in the selection of courses and ultimately approve their proposal and the major’s content. One faculty member will serve as the committee chair and the advisor of the student. The committee chair must be from a baccalaureate degree-awarding department. All interdisciplinary proposals will be reviewed by the dean of the committee chair and the UAF vice provost for final approval.

Degree Completion (may not be used as a double major)

The interdisciplinary studies major with a general studies concentration is a pathway to graduation for students who are unable to complete a particular major offered at UAF. Students in the general studies concentration have the flexibility to choose classes that are meaningful and relevant to their educational interests and career goals. Admission to the Degree Completion program requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher, completion of at least 100 or more college credits, as well as a consultation with a degree completion advisor located in the Academic Advising Center. Students must submit a letter of rationale explaining why this program is an appropriate path to graduation for them in order to be admitted to the general studies concentration of the interdisciplinary major.

Minimum Requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A., B.A.A.S., B.S. Degrees: 120-130 credits

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