Earth Science

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B.A. Degree

Admission to this program is currently suspended.

This program provides broad training in various aspects of earth systems science. Three concentrations are available:

  • earth systems science
  • geological hazards and mitigation
  • secondary education

The concentrations allow students to focus on different interests and career paths during their junior and senior years but offer considerable flexibility during the freshman and sophomore years.

The earth science concentration offers students a sound background in a broad spectrum of geoscience disciplines, with an emphasis on the interaction between earth systems. The geological hazards and mitigation concentration is designed for students who wish to pursue careers in communicating science, hazards analysis or emergency management-related natural disasters. The secondary education concentration is designed for students who plan to teach earth science in a secondary school in Alaska. Requirements for certified teachers have been built into this concentration in consultation with the School of Education. Students choosing this concentration should consult with both the Department of Geosciences and the School of Education for advising.

Minimum Requirements for Earth Science Bachelor's Degree: 120-130 credits

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