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College of Liberal Arts
Department of English

M.A., M.F.A., M.F.A./M.A. Degrees

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: M.A.: 30-36 credits; M.F.A.: 45 credits; M.F.A./M.A.: 45 credits

The English department offers core courses in writing and literature, and upper-division courses in literature, linguistics, creative writing, technical writing and literary criticism. The department also offers a two-year M.A. degree in literature, a three-year M.F.A. degree in creative writing and an M.F.A./M.A. combined degree in creative writing and literature that can be completed in three years. Teaching assistantships are available for the three programs. The M.A. degree offers advanced study of literature and literary theory, as preparation for teaching or for entering a Ph.D. program. The M.F.A. degree is a terminal degree, culminating in the production of a publication-quality thesis manuscript of poetry, fiction, drama, or creative non-fiction. The M.F.A./M.A. is a combined degree designed for qualified individuals who wish to produce a publication-quality thesis manuscript of creative writing, but also would like to pursue in a systematic manner the study of literature and literary theory in preparation for college teaching or entering a Ph.D. program.