M.Ed., Online Innovation and Design

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The School of Education offers Master of Education degrees in counseling, special education and education. Students in the education major may earn a degree in these areas of specialization: people, place and pedagogy, second language acquisition, bilingual education and literacy, and online innovation and design. Students completing postbaccalaureate certification in elementary or secondary education may earn an M.Ed. in the respective area. For elementary education, secondary education, special education and counseling majors, refer to specific admission and program requirements listed in the respective sections.

Admission Requirements

Applications will be reviewed on March 1 and Oct. 1 for admission in the following semester. Faculty may vote to admit, not admit or admit with stipulations. Stipulations are specified when additional development in particular areas is needed before beginning a graduate degree program.

Minimum requirements for admission to the M.Ed. program are:

  1. Bachelor’s degree and a 3.0 GPA.
  2. One year of satisfactory teaching or administrative experience. Alternative experience may be accepted.

Complete the following application procedures for the UAF Graduate School:

  1. Submit a graduate application form to the UAF Office of Admissions.
  2. Submit scores on the general GRE if undergraduate GPA is below 3.0.

  3. Submit a four- to five-page essay that describes your career goals and educational philosophy, and how those goals and philosophy are relevant to the School of Education’s mission and education graduate degree program.
  4. Submit official transcripts.
  5. Submit three letters of reference.
  6. Submit a resume.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 30 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Master of Education Degree Requirements
Complete the master of education degree requirements.
Complete the admission requirements for the Master of Education degree.
ED F431Web 2.0 Fundamentals: Participate, Produce, Publish3
ED F601Introduction to Applied Social Science Research3
ED F650Current Topics in Educational Technology: Innovative Instruction and Leadership3
ED F654Digital Citizenship, Internet Legal Issues, Digital Copyright and Fair Use3
ED F659Multimedia Tools for Educators3
Cross-Cultural Foundations with Focus on Alaska Context Courses
Complete one from the following:3
Education and Cultural Processes
Culture, Cognition and Knowledge Acquisition
Education and Socioeconomic Change
Cultural Atlases as a Pedagogical Strategy
Language, Literacy and Learning
Culture, Community and the Curriculum
Place-based Education
Rethinking Multicultural Education
Complete one of the following options:12
Thesis option
Project option
Comprehensive exam option


Thesis Option

Complete the following:
One F600-level online innovation and design elective3
ED/CCS F603Field Study Research Methods3
or ED/CCS F604 Documenting Indigenous Knowledge
ED F699Thesis6

Project Option

Complete the following:
One F600-level online innovation and design elective3
ED/CCS F603Field Study Research Methods3
or ED/CCS F604 Documenting Indigenous Knowledge
ED F698Non-thesis Research/Project6

Comprehensive Exam Option

Complete the following classes or comparable electives approved by the student's graduate advisory committee.
ED F653Instructional Design3
ED F655Online Pedagogy3
ED F676Supporting Learning in Diverse Systems3
ED F677Digital Storytelling3
Complete the comprehensive examination