Biochemistry and Neuroscience

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College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Ph.D. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 18 thesis credits

Biochemistry and neuroscience is an interdepartmental program administered by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry with research support through the Institute of Arctic Biology. A broad range of biomedical research experiences are available, including molecular and cellular neuroscience, proteomics, protein structure-function and molecular toxicology. The Arctic environment provides additional research opportunities in environmental biochemistry, adaptations and molecular genetics. Students seeking a M.S. degree in these research areas should see the M.S. chemistry with concentration in biochemistry and neuroscience degree.

UAF faculty and affiliate faculty at collaborating institutions provide a rich academic environment encompassing both research and comprehensive course offerings. Students with career interests in biotechnology, pharmaceutical sciences, environmental health, genetics and biomedicine are encouraged to apply. Students are normally accepted with financial support (fellowships, research assistantships and/or teaching assistantships) along with tuition waivers.