M.A., Arctic and Northern Studies

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Concentrations: Individualized Study, Environmental Politics and Policy, Northern History, Arctic Policy

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 30 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Master’s Degree Requirements
Complete the master’s degree requirements.
Program Requirements
ACNS F600Perspectives on the North3
ACNS F601Research Methods and Sources in the North3
Complete two elective courses at the F400 or F600 level6
ACNS F698Non-thesis Research/Project6-12
or ACNS F699 Thesis
Complete one of the following concentrations:12-21
Individualized Study
Environmental Politics and Policy
Northern History
Arctic Policy


Individualized Study

The individualized study concentration may be used as a basis for a M.A. thesis/project typically under the direction of a faculty member in the most relevant department.

Complete 12 credits of the following:12
Course offerings selected from the relevant department and/or 1
Courses offered within the Northern studies program, including those in the other concentrations, and/or
Complete any from the following:
Images of the North
Visual Images of the North
Polar Geography
Oral Sources: Issues in Documentation
Culture and History in the North Atlantic
Thesis Writing Workshop (pending approval)

Environmental Politics and Policy

The environmental politics and policy concentration may be used as a basis for the M.A. thesis/project.

ACNS/PS F669Arctic Politics and Governance3
Complete 9 credits from the following:9
Public Policy
Environmental History
U.S. Environmental Politics
International Law and the Environment
Political Economy of the Global Environment
Science, Technology and Politics
Comparative Environmental Politics
*Students may substitute one course from other Political Science offerings with approval of their graduate committee chair

Note: The environmental politics and policy concentration is a clear track toward interdisciplinary doctoral programs.

Northern History

The Northern history concentration may be used for the M.A. thesis/project.

ACNS F675Historiography Capstone3
Complete 9 credits from the following:9
Modern Scandinavia
Environmental History
History of Alaska
Imperial Russia, 1700-1917
Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
Polar Exploration and Its Literature
20th-century Circumpolar History

Arctic Policy

Arctic Politics and Governance
Complete 9 credits from the following: 19
Public Policy (also ACNS F603)
Comparative Indigenous Rights and Policies
Government and Politics of Canada
International Relations of the North
Alaska Government and Politics
Government and Politics of Russia
Complete 6 credits from the following: 26
Modern Scandinavia
Northern Indigenous Peoples and Contemporary Issues
Evolution of Conservation Concepts and Policy
History of Alaska
Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia
20th-century Circumpolar History
Political Economy of the Circumpolar North