Biomedical Science (BMSC)

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BMSC F214      Introduction to Biomedical Research      (s)
2 Credits

Offered Fall

This seminar aims to introduce students to research methods by providing students who are new to research and research methods opportunities to learn about, discuss and conduct ethical activities in a low stress, small group seminar setting. Organized in a small group, seminar format, the ultimate objective is for seminar participants to develop self-efficacy and interest in pursuing research methods courses and research opportunities early on and throughout their undergraduate studies.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 2 + 0 + 0

BMSC F224      Entering Research: Undergraduate Research Experience
2 Credits

Offered Spring

Required course for BLaST scholars and open to all UAF students. This course will facilitate mentored research experience for undergraduate students. Students will participate in advanced research topics from outside the usual undergraduate laboratory offerings. Students will be required to actively participate in research activities and report on progress and growth throughout the course. Course will conclude with a semester research report and presentation on research activities.

Prerequisites: BMSC F214.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1 + 3 + 0

BMSC F314       Research Project Foundations
1 Credit

Offered Fall

Supports undergraduate research projects with strategies and methodologies when establishing a scientific research project. Also foster the personal, academic and career growth of the student. Topics include personal wellness, academic and career planning, mentoring relationships, project management, scientific writing, and communication strategies.

Prerequisites: BMSC F224.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 1 + 0 + 0

BMSC F401      Fundamentals of Pharmacology
3 Credits

Offered Fall Even-numbered Years

This course emphasizes human and veterinary medical applications for aspiring health practitioners and biomedical scientists. It is an introduction to the science of drugs. Topics include excretion, absorption, movement of drugs throughout the body, receptor-drug binding, signal transduction, dose-response relationships, and associated physiological effects (beneficial and adverse).

Prerequisites: BIOL F310, BIOL F360, CHEM F351 or CHEM F360.

Crosslisted with BIOL F401.

Lecture + Lab + Other: 3 + 0 + 0