A.A.S., Tribal Management

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Minimum Requirements for A.A.S. Degree: 60 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
A.A.S. Degree Requirements
Complete the A.A.S. degree requirements.
Program Requirements
TM F101Introduction to Tribal Government in Alaska3
TM F105Introduction to Managing Tribal Governments3
TM F199Tribal Management Practicum I3
TM F201Tribal Government in Alaska II3
TM F205Managing Tribal Governments II3
TM F299Tribal Management Practicum II3
Complete 27 credits from the following: 127
Environmental and Natural Resource Management
Natural History of Alaska
Introduction to Environmental Science
Introduction to Fisheries
Introduction to Fisheries Utilization
Natural Resources Conservation and Policy
Public Lands Law and Policy
Fisheries and Marine Wildlife Development in Rural Alaska
Rural Alaska Land Issues
Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska
Resource Management Research Techniques
Introduction to Tribal Natural Resource Management
Introduction to Geospatial Data
Practical GIS for Rural Alaska
Practical GIS Project Design
Introduction to NEPA for Rural Transportation
Cross Connections: Adapting and Integrating Principles of Management and Conservation
Community Health and Wellness
Native Cultures of Alaska
Personal Awareness and Growth
Cultural Diversity in Human Services
Basic Principles of Group Counseling
History of Alcohol in Alaska
Introduction to Psychology
Processes of Community Change
Alaska Native Values and Principles
Introduction to Rural Counseling
Introduction to Recovery and Mental Illness
Case Management
Rural Nutrition and Health Change
Nutrition Science for the Generations
Alaska Native Food Systems
Community Nutrition Interventions
Introduction to Rural Nutrition Counseling
Introduction to Social Work
Ethics, Values and Social Work Practice
Rural Social Work
Tribal Governance and Law
Indigenous Land Settlements
Native Self-government
Political Economy
Leadership, Citizenship and Choice
Introduction to Public Administration
Alaska Native Politics
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Land Claims in the 21st Century
Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska
Tribal Court Development for Alaska Tribes
Children's Topics in Tribal Justice
Federal Indian Law for Alaska Tribes
Tribal Code Development
Tribal Justice Responses to Community and Domestic Violence
Tribal Court Administration
Juvenile Justice in Tribal Court
Tribal Court Enforcement of Decisions
Tribal Community and Restorative Justice
Current Topics in Tribal Government
Community and Economic Development
Principles of Accounting I
Village-based Entrepreneurship
Introduction to Tourism
Personal and Business Finance
Fundamentals of Supervision
Fund Accounting for Nonprofits
Public Relations
Introduction to Business
Basic Communication and Employability Skills
Political Economy
Economics of Rural Alaska
Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act: Land Claims in the 21st Century
Grant Writing for Community Development
Introduction to Utility Management
Organizational Management for Utilities
Financial Management for Utilities
Personnel Management for Utilities
Tribal Planning
Fundamentals of Supervision
Small-Business Planning
Introduction to Project Development for Tribal Residential Construction
Grant Writing for Community Development
Rural Tourism: Planning and Principles
Strategic Planning and Decision Making
Planning for Utilities
Rural Transportation Planning
Tribal Transportation
Fundamentals of Rural Transportation
Introduction to the Indian Reservation Roads Program
Conducting a Rural Transportation Inventory
Traffic Monitoring for Rural Transportation
Basics of a Good Gravel Road
Introduction to NEPA for Rural Transportation
Rural Transportation Planning
Finance Applications for Rural Transportation
Transportation Improvement Programs and Control Schedules
Road Inventory Field Data System
Project Management for Rural Transportation