Certificate, Powerplant

This is an archived copy of the 2018-2019 catalog. To access the most recent version of the catalog, please visit http://catalog.uaf.edu.

Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 31 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements. 1
General Requirements
AFPM F145Basic Mathematics1
AFPM F146Basic Electricity2
AFPM F147Physics for Mechanics0.5
AFPM F148Aircraft Drawing1
AFPM F149Fluid Lines and Fittings0.5
AFPM F150Materials and Processes2
AFPM F151Cleaning and Corrosion Control1
AFPM F152Federal Aviation Regulations1
AFPM F153Weight and Balance1
AFPM F154Ground Operations and Servicing0.5
Powerplant Theory and Maintenance Requirements
AFPM F235Aircraft Reciprocating Engines4.5
AFPM F240Turbine Engines2
AFPM F271Powerplant Inspections0.5
AFPM F272Powerplant Testing0.5
Powerplant and Systems Components Requirements
AFPM F231Powerplant Electrical Systems1.5
AFPM F244Lubricating Systems1.5
AFPM F245Ignition Systems2
AFPM F246Fuel Metering Systems2
AFPM F248Induction Systems0.5
AFPM F249Powerplant Cooling Systems0.5
AFPM F250Powerplant Exhaust Systems0.5
AFPM F252Propellers2
Combined Systems and Components Requirements
AFPM F251Fuel Systems1.5
AFPM F255Fire Protection Systems0.5
AFPM F257Instrument Systems0.5

Note: This is a one-year program, usually starting at the beginning of September. Entry at other times is allowed only with departmental approval. A personal background check and drug test will be required prior to acceptance into the airframe and powerplant, airframe or powerplant certificate programs.