Certificate, Airframe

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Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 31 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements. 1
General Requirements
AFPM F145Basic Mathematics1
AFPM F146Basic Electricity2
AFPM F147Physics for Mechanics0.5
AFPM F148Aircraft Drawing1
AFPM F149Fluid Lines and Fittings0.5
AFPM F150Materials and Processes2
AFPM F151Cleaning and Corrosion Control1
AFPM F152Federal Aviation Regulations1
AFPM F153Weight and Balance1
AFPM F154Ground Operations and Servicing0.5
Airframe Structures Requirements
AFPM F261Nonmetallic Structures1
AFPM F262Aircraft Coverings1
AFPM F263Aircraft Finishes0.5
AFPM F264Sheet Metal Structures3
AFPM F265Aircraft Welding1.5
AFPM F266Assembly and Rigging1.5
AFPM F267Airframe Inspections0.5
AFPM F270Airframe Testing0.5
Airframe Systems and Components Requirements
AFPM F230Aircraft Electrical Systems2.5
AFPM F253Transport Category Aircraft1
AFPM F254Ice and Rain Control Systems0.5
AFPM F256Communications and Navigation Systems0.5
AFPM F258Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems1
AFPM F259Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems1.5
AFPM F260Aircraft Landing Gear Systems1.5
Combined Systems and Components Requirements
AFPM F251Fuel Systems1.5
AFPM F255Fire Protection Systems0.5
AFPM F257Instrument Systems0.5