Sport and Recreation Business

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School of Management

B.S.R.B. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

The sport and recreation business program prepares students for careers on the business side of sport, recreation and/or tourism. The program emphasizes critical business areas including accounting, marketing, management, economics and finance applied to the sport, recreation and tourism industries. The combination of business, leadership and hands-on education prepare our students to make an immediate impact within an organization.

The Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Business degree (B.S.R.B.) requires a minimum of 120 credit hours. The B.S.R.B. provides academic preparation and sought-after, critical education necessary for entry-level careers in the sport and recreation industries. This degree also serves as a capstone program for students with relevant two-year associate degrees in sport and recreation management who wish to continue an education into a four-year business program, such as the Bachelor of Sport and Recreation Business degree at SOM.