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College of Liberal Arts
Department of Psychology

B.A., B.S. Degrees

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: 120 credits

The Department of Psychology offers B.A. and B.S. degrees in psychology. The department’s focus is to provide breadth and depth in the science and profession of psychology with a commitment to honoring diversity and promoting human welfare. The curriculum develops cross-cultural knowledge, critical thinking, imagination, creativity, ethical principles and concern for social justice, as well as respect for and knowledge of diverse points of view that include feminist, multicultural, indigenous, and gay and lesbian perspectives.

In addition to active engagement in the classroom, students can participate in research and community service. Programs in psychology facilitate an understanding of the human experience as an interaction of biological, psychological, social and cultural processes.

Graduates of the undergraduate program in psychology have been successful in gaining entrance to graduate school in a variety of fields including psychology, medicine, business and law. Graduation with an undergraduate psychology degree has allowed students to become employed in a variety of entry-level human services and business positions.