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College of Natural Science and Mathematics
Department of Physics

B.S. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

Physics, together with mathematics and chemistry, provides the foundation for work in all fields of the physical sciences and engineering, and contributes greatly to other disciplines such as the biosciences and medicine.

The undergraduate curriculum provides a solid foundation in classical and modern physics, with emphasis on both its experimental and theoretical aspects. A student completing this curriculum can be well-prepared for advanced study in physics and related sciences, and for other careers in industry, government or the private sector that require refined abilities in problem-solving.

The physics concentration represents the classical undergraduate physics curriculum, while the applied physics concentration provides a solid foundation in general physics with the flexibility to include applied or interdisciplinary course work, aimed at e.g., engineering physics, biophysics or oceanography.

The atmospheric physics concentration is a solid foundation at the interface of physics, climate sciences and meteorology. The computational physics concentration is relevant for students seeking careers in any areas that require expertise in computational modeling and simulation of physical systems.

The technical management concentration provides an opportunity to combine basic knowledge of physics with an aptitude for leadership in business. Declared physics majors in good standing with appropriate grades, department mentoring and approval for some courses are, upon graduation, welcome to apply to the MBA program in UAF’s School of Management.