Minor, Forest Management

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Minimum Requirements for Minor: 16 credits

Students must earn a C grade or better in each course.

Potential accreditation as a certified forester by the Society of American Foresters will require completion of the following NRM courses: NRM F251, NRM F440, NRM F450, NRM F452 and NRM F453 in combination with the NRM B.S. degree. Prerequisites required for the courses listed are part of the NRM degree program, but students from other programs will be required to complete the prerequisites specified for individual classes. NRM F452 also requires the completion of either BIOL F239 or NRM F211 as a requisite. These two courses are not required for the general NRM program and will not apply to the number of credits for the forest management minor.

Complete the following:
NRM F240Natural Resources Measurement and Inventory3
NRM F251Silvics and Dendrology4
NRM F375Natural Resource Ecology3
or BIOL F371 Principles of Ecology
Complete at least 6 credits from the following:6
Introduction to Watershed Management
Forest Management
Forest Health and Protection
Harvesting and Utilization of Forest Products

Note: Students must complete at least 16 credits dedicated to the minor. If the student has taken courses to complete major requirements, the credits must be made up from additional minor-specific courses.