B.M., Music Education

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Complete the following B.M. degree admission requirement:

  1. Audition on the major instrument

Concentrations: Elementary, Secondary, K-12

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 130-145 credits

Students must earn a C grade or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
General Education Requirements
Complete the general education requirements.
Degree and Program Requirements
Large ensembles 16
ED/PSY F245Child Development3
ED F420Alaska Native Education3
or ED F461 Native Ways of Knowing
EDSE F482Inclusive Classrooms for All Children3
or EDSE F316 Introduction to Special Education for Elementary Classroom Teachers
MUED F110Becoming a Music Teacher in the 21st Century2
MUED F201Introduction to Music Education2
MUED F315Music Methods and Techniques2
MUED F316Practicum in Middle-level Music Methods1
MUS F131
and MUS F132
Basic Music Theory I
and Basic Music Theory II
MUS F133
and MUS F134
Basic Ear Training I
and Basic Ear Training II
MUS F152
and MUS F153
and MUS F154
Functional Piano I
and Functional Piano II
and Functional Piano III
MUS F161
and MUS F162
and MUS F261
and MUS F262
and MUS F361
and MUS F362
Private Lessons
and Private Lessons
and Private Lessons
and Private Lessons
and Private Lessons
and Private Lessons 2
MUS F190Recital Attendance0
MUS F221
and MUS F222
History of Western Music I
and History of Western Music II
MUS F223XAlaska Native Music3
MUS F231
and MUS F232
Advanced Music Theory I
and Advanced Music Theory II
MUS F233
and MUS F234
Advanced Ear Training I
and Advanced Ear Training II
MUS F253Piano Proficiency0
MUS F331Form and Analysis3
MUS F351Conducting3
MUS F390Junior Recital0
MUS F432Orchestration and Arranging3
Complete one of the following concentrations:6-21

Note: Music education majors must have completed the necessary prerequisites and be admitted to the teacher education program prior to acceptance for placement in student teaching.



Complete the following:
ED F452Elementary Internship3-12
MUED F309Elementary School Music Methods3


Complete the following:
ED F453Secondary Internship3-12
MUED F405Secondary School Music Methods3


Complete the following:
ED F454Student Teaching K-12 115
MUED F309Elementary School Music Methods3
MUED F405Secondary School Music Methods3