B.S., Interdisciplinary Studies

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Minimum Requirements for Degree: 130 credits

  1. Contact the Academic Advising Center at 907-474-6396 or 888-823-8780 for materials and procedures. Prepare and submit a rationale/justification letter.
  2. Three faculty members serving in the Academic Advising Center or at rural campuses will serve as the degree completion interdisciplinary studies committee.
  3. Prepare rationale/justification letter explaining the need for the degree completion program.
  4. Conduct committee meeting to finalize degree proposal.
  5. Submit to the dean of general studies for final approval.
  6. Complete all the requirements for the baccalaureate program including:
    1. Completing the general education requirements
    2. Completing the residency requirement
    3. Completing 39 upper-division credits
    4. Complete the baccalaureate capstone requirement as determined by the program.