Interdisciplinary Studies

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Academic Advising Center

B.A., B.A.A.S., B.S.  Degrees

Minimum Requirements for Degrees: 120-130 credits

The interdisciplinary program provides flexibility to students who have well-defined goals that do not fit into one of the established majors offered by the university. Two tracks are available for students: programs with well-defined interdisciplinary goals that do not fit into established majors, and a general studies degree completion option. The program with well-defined goals is available to undergraduate and graduate students. Graduate interdisciplinary studies programs are administered by the Graduate School Office (see graduate information). Undergraduate interdisciplinary studies programs are administered by the Academic Advising Center. Help with the undergraduate application process, contact information for faculty advisors and assistance for undergraduate interdisciplinary students is available at 907-474-6396 or see

Interdisciplinary Goals Option

Students may submit a proposal for an interdisciplinary program where the proposed curriculum differs significantly from established degree programs at UAF. The proposal will require evidence that the necessary facilities and faculty are available to ensure an approximation of a normal undergraduate degree. All general requirements for the B.A., B.A.A.S. or B.S. degree must be met.

In developing an interdisciplinary proposal, the student should specify the degree (B.A., B.A.A.S. or B.S.), include an explanation of how the proposed program differs substantially from established UAF programs, and include a discussion showing that current UAF resources are adequate to meet the requirements of the proposed program. (A minimum of two disciplines is required for the interdisciplinary degree.) The B.A.A.S. degree is specifically designed to build upon the technical experience of students who have earned an Associate of Applied Science degree. The student then creates an advisory committee of at least three faculty members from the appropriate disciplines and holds at least one formal meeting with the full committee to review the proposal. The committee will appoint a chair, review the proposed program, select a degree title in concert with the student and make its recommendation. Applicants then submit the proposal for the program they wish to pursue to the dean of General Studies, specifying the degree, proposed curriculum work sheet and rationale. The degree is awarded through the school or college of the chair of the committee, subject to approval by the dean of the General Studies.

Students interested in pursuing an undergraduate interdisciplinary degree can contact the Academic Advising Center for help in finding faculty advisors and developing their curriculum proposal at 907-474-6396 or

General Studies Degree Completion Option (may not be used as a double major)

The interdisciplinary general studies program is a pathway to graduation for students who have earned 100 college credits or more but are not close to completing, or are unable to complete, a particular major. Interdisciplinary general studies students have the flexibility to choose classes that are meaningful and relevant to their interests and goals. Admission to the interdisciplinary general studies program requires a consultation with a degree completion advisor located in the Academic Advising Center or available at 907-474-6396.