Minor, Fisheries

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Concentrations: Fisheries Science; Fisheries Business Administration and Economics; Fisheries Policy and Rural Development

Minimum Requirements for Minor: 15 credits

Complete the following:
FISH F101Introduction to Fisheries3
or NRM F101 Natural Resources Conservation and Policy
FISH F288Fish and Fisheries of Alaska3
A least 6 additional credit hours designated FISH, with the exception of any FISH F492 courses6
Complete at least 3 credit hours from one of the following concentrations:3
Fisheries Science
Fisheries Business Administration and Economics
Fisheries Policy and Rural Development


Fisheries Science

BIOL F305Invertebrate Zoology4
BIOL F310Animal Physiology4
BIOL F441Animal Behavior3
BIOL F471Population Ecology3
BIOL F472Community Ecology3
BIOL F473Limnology3
BIOL F476Ecosystem Ecology3
BIOL F483Stream Ecology3
NRM F370Introduction to Watershed Management3

Fisheries Business Administration and Economics

ACCT F261XPrinciples of Financial Accounting3
ACCT F262Principles of Managerial Accounting3
BA F151XIntroduction to Business3
BA F307Introductory Human Resources Management3
BA F325Financial Management3
BA F330The Legal Environment of Business4
BA F343Principles of Marketing3
BA F390Organizational Theory and Behavior3
ECON F235XIntroduction to Natural Resource Economics3
ECON F335Intermediate Natural Resource Economics3
ECON F434Environmental Economics3

Fisheries Policy and Rural Development

ANS F350Cross-cultural Communication: Alaska Perspectives3
ANS F401Cultural Knowledge of Native Elders3
ANTH F242Native Cultures of Alaska3
ANTH F403Political Anthropology3
ANTH F428Ecological Anthropology and Regional Sustainability3
HIST F411Environmental History3
NRM F407Environmental Law3
NRM F430Resource Management Planning3
PS F101XIntroduction to American Government and Politics3
PS F447U.S. Environmental Politics3
PS F454International Law and the Environment3
PS F455Political Economy of the Global Environment3
PS F458Comparative Environmental Politics3
RD F200XRural Development in the North3
RD F245Fisheries and Marine Wildlife Development in Rural Alaska3
RD F265Perspectives on Subsistence in Alaska3
RD F300Rural Development in a Global Perspective3
RD F350Community Research in Indigenous Contexts3
RD F430Indigenous Economic Development and Entrepreneurship3