Grading Options

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Students who want to enroll in one or more courses for informational purposes may only register as an auditor if space is available and auditing is permitted in the class. You pay the standard credit fees for the course, but the credits are not included in the computation of study load for full-time/part-time determination or for overload status.

The requirement, acceptance and review of work, and lab privileges are at the discretion of the instructor. A grade of AU (audit) is granted to students who complete an audited course, but no credit is awarded. Audited courses do not apply toward degree requirements, and they will not transfer to other institutions.

When you register you should indicate on the registration form your desire to audit a course. Students who want to change from audit to credit must request the change before the deadline to add a course. Requests made after the third Friday after the first day of instruction must be approved by the instructor of the course. All changes must be made before the deadline for student-initiated withdrawals.

Instructors set the requirements under which an AU grade is to be recorded, and they must submit AU for students who satisfy requirements. Auditors not receiving an AU grade receive a W grade. If you have audited a class, you cannot request local credit by exam for that class for a period of at least one year.

Changing from Credit to Audit

The add/drop process may be used to change from credit status to audit status for a class. The change must be made by the end of the second full week of instruction by following the add/drop process. Changes after this date require approval by the instructor of the course. For degree students an advisor’s signature is also required. You may not change from credit to audit after the last day for student-initiated withdrawals.

Credit/No-Credit Option

Undergraduates only — The credit/no-credit option encourages students to explore areas of interest not necessarily related to their major. This option may be used for one undesignated elective (an elective that is not specifically required for your major) each semester. The deadline for choosing the credit/no-credit option is the third Friday after the first day of instruction in a semester. The instructor does not know your status in the course, and you complete the course the same way as other students in the class. Credit for the course is awarded if your performance is at the C- grade level or higher; if your performance falls below that level, the course will not appear on your academic record. In either case, the course will not be included in any GPA calculations. If credit is granted, a CR grade will be entered for the course.

Under the credit/no-credit option, students may take undesignated elective courses or courses to meet the minimum credit requirements for a degree. Major or minor requirements and those specified as foundation courses are not allowed.