Graduate Certificate, Design and Construction Management

  • Complete the following admission requirements:
    • A four-year ABET college degree in engineering and at least two years’ construction management experience;
      or a four-year non-ABET college degree in engineering, science or mathematics and at least four years construction experience;
      or a four-year college degree and at least six years construction experience;
      or at least 10 years construction management experience.

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 15 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
As part of the general university requirements:
Enroll in one course per year to remain in good standing.
The graduate advisory committee will be a construction management certificate faculty member or faculty committee as appointed by the dean of CEM.
Complete a graduate study plan after completing 5 credits.
Graduate Certificate Requirements
Complete the graduate certificate requirements.
Program Requirements
Select 15 credits from three main construction management rubrics and two associated rubrics as approved by the student’s advisory committee:15
Human Relations and Communication
Select 4-6 credits from the following:
Managing and Leading Engineering Organizations
Human Resources Management
Other approved human relations courses
Construction Project Management and Scheduling
Select 4-6 credits from the following:
Construction Project Management
Project Management
Legal Principles for Engineering Management
Other approved construction project management courses
Technical Management of Construction and Costs
Select 4-6 credits from the following:
Construction Cost Estimating and Bid Preparation
Arctic Engineering
Foundations and Retaining Structures
Other approved technical management of construction and costs courses
Business and Financial Aspects of Construction
Select 0-3 credits from the following:
Engineering Economic Analysis
Accounting for Managers
Other Technical Areas
Select 0-3 credits from the following:
Arctic Engineering
Environmental Management and Permitting
Total Credits15