Certificate, Rural Human Services

Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 32 credits

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements. 1
Program Requirements
RHS F120Family Systems I 22
RHS F130Processes of Community Change2
RHS F140Alaska Native Values and Principles1
RHS F150Introduction to Rural Counseling 22
RHS F220Family Systems II 22
RHS F250Rural Counseling II 22
RHS F260Addictions: Intervention and Treatment 22
RHS F265Interpersonal Violence 22
RHS F275Introduction to Recovery and Mental Illness2
RHS F285Case Management 22
RHS F287Rural Human Services Practicum4
RHS F290Grief and Healing 22
Total Credits25

As part of the certificate requirements, complete RHS F110 and RHS F115 for the human relations requirement. The communication and computation courses must be completed from the certificate requirements.


The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Certification review board has approved these courses toward certification or recertification of substance abuse counselors in the State of Alaska.

Note: Students spend time in intensive study at selected delivery sites.