Certificate, Ethnobotany

Minimum Requirements for Certificate: 30-32 credits

Students must earn a C- or better in each course.

General University Requirements
Complete the general university requirements.
Certificate Requirements
Complete the certificate requirements.
ENGL F111XIntroduction to Academic Writing3
or ABUS F170 Business English
Select one from the following:3-4
Intermediate Algebra
Concepts and Contemporary Applications of Mathematics
College Algebra for Calculus
Human Relations
ANTH/SOC F100XIndividual, Society and Culture3
ABUS F154Human Relations3
Program Requirements
Complete the following science foundation courses:4
Biology and Society
Natural History of Alaska
Fundamentals of Biology II
Basic General Chemistry
General Chemistry I
Complete the following:
EBOT F100Introduction to Ethnobotany3
EBOT F200Seminar in Ethnobotany1
EBOT F210Ethical Wildcrafting1
EBOT F220Ethnobotanical Techniques2
EBOT F230Ethnobotanical Chemistry3
Select 3-4 credits from the following approved electives:3-4
Business, Grant and Report Writing
Academic Writing about the Social and Natural Sciences
100-200-level advisor-approved electives from the following subject areas: Alaska Native Languages, Alaska Native Studies, Applied Art, Anthropology, Economics, Education, Eskimo, Biology or Natural Resource Management
Total Credits29-31