Alaska Native Studies

College of Rural and Community Development
Department of Alaska Native Studies and Rural Development

B.A. Degree

Minimum Requirements for Degree: 120 credits

Alaska Native studies provides students with an awareness of the scope, richness and variety of Alaska Native cultures. It offers a series of critical perspectives on the contemporary Native experience in North American society. The B.A. degree can be earned on the Fairbanks campus or through distance delivery.

Students complete a concentration in one of four areas:

  • Alaska Native Forms of Cultural Expression
  • Alaska Native Education
  • Alaska Native Language
  • Alaska Native Law, Government and Politics

The Alaska Native studies B.A. prepares students to appreciate historical and contemporary cultural dynamics. The department also welcomes students pursuing a second major or a minor. It encourages students who expect to be involved professionally in Alaska Native communities or other multicultural settings to pursue this degree.

Students applying for acceptance into the Alaska Native Studies program need to complete two department-specific requirements in addition to general university admission: an oral interview with faculty and a written questionnaire. Findings from this process will be used to support the department advising process and assist students in connecting with faculty and mentors. The questionnaire and instructions for the oral interview are on the DANSRD website under “How to Apply.”

Special application requirements and deadlines apply for distance B.A. programs. For more information contact the department toll-free at 800-770-9531 or visit